How do you exercise your eyes? – 10 Weight Loss Smoothie Recipes That Actually Work

Your eyes are a very powerful, almost intuitive system, which you can master. It needs to be trained in order to find something you normally wouldn’t find. And once you know your way around your eyes, you can start putting everything together to find your way to your destination and what you need to get there.

2) The Eyes Are Your First Line of Defense

The eyes are your body’s primary defense. In addition to looking at things, they’re essential to our survival and ability to move about our environment.

There’s a reason why we put our eyes to great advantage. They are the eyes through which we see.

3) The Eyes Make Good Sense

Let the eyes be your guide. You can’t read minds. That’s what’s important. Let your eyes see and do what they are told and you’ll have more than a little clue as to how to navigate your surroundings.

4) The Eyes Have a Very Sensory Perception

When we’re looking straight ahead at something – whether it’s our environment, the ceiling, a tree or our target – we have a much clearer picture of the details in that environment than we would if we look away. And it’s not just visual – we can also hear and smell.

5) The Eyes Are The Most Sensitive

The ears – you know, the ones that work on hearing – are incredibly sensitive, capable of recording up to 70 decibels. And we’ll see, it seems, through sound that we can sense.

6) We Learn Things Very Fast Through the Eyes

We learn a whole lot quicker through our sight and sight than through our ears. That can mean anything from understanding how to drive a car to how our sense of taste and smell tells us what foods you should eat.

7) They Make For Amazing Spectacles

The eyes are the most sensitive parts of our body (outside of our hands) and we can use them effectively to see things that we normally can’t.

8) Your Head Isn’t the Only Place You See

The eyes are what we look at when we look at other things. This may not be the case, especially at night… But our visual perception of light (and the colors we see) are important.

9) You Can Have a Loved One’s Eyes

We really can have eyes for eyes. What happens when one of them is taken? They get the love of their life

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