How do you lose belly fat? – Free Online Weight Loss Plan

It’s actually pretty simple, but if you can’t manage to lose your waistline, you’re probably not getting enough calories.

1. Avoid high-carbohydrate foods for a while to flush out the fat from your liver.

When you’re not eating enough carbs, your liver is turning them into fat. But, if you’re not eating enough fat, your liver will only take in a fraction of the amount of energy stored in glycogen, which is the substance that keeps your muscle and organs moving. This means your body will end up holding onto an enormous amount of fat.

“I was a vegetarian, so I didn’t want to feel deprived of energy or having to eat a lot of fat to compensate,” Mark says. “I ate too much carbs (especially during the day) and had not enough fat. The result? My weight and insulin (blood sugar) levels went back to pre-diabetes levels.”

2. Cut back on the amount of cardio you do.

Most experts agree that if you want to lose belly fat and lower your risk of diabetes, you need to get more physical activity into your life. But if you’re not burning enough fat or too many calories per day for muscle development, cardio isn’t going to help. It’s also been shown that if you’re eating a high-calorie diet, you’re actually losing muscle, too.

Instead, Mark and his wife cut back on their amount of cardio a few years ago, so they could maintain a good weight. To do that, they cut back on cardio from their exercise routine to three 45-minute sessions a week.

“It’s not the only way to lose belly fat but I wanted to try different things so I can see what works and not have to repeat the same type of exercise several times a week,” he says. “We cut back on our activity level and now we’re up to about eight hours [of running a week].

“If we keep this pace going, we should be able to lose this extra 6 pounds in about two months,” he adds. Mark says he thinks he’ll need about a 10-pound loss per week after that, but, he insists, “we’ll be OK.”

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3. Change your mindset about what you can eat, even if it involves a lot of processed food.

Whether you eat junk food or organic produce, you should keep certain nutrients in the right amounts. So, if you’re eating processed

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