How do you lose belly fat? – How Dieting Works

We were having breakfast when this happened in the office. I saw two people walking by. My coworkers thought it was some normal lunch time activity. I had to pull away from the desk to grab my phone so I could take a photo. I’m sure they all saw our reaction and that the person in question seemed to be enjoying lunch.

After lunch, we had to leave so we got up and headed to our cars. But instead of putting them in the trunk as instructed, my coworker had put them on a bike and put the seat belt back on. I knew he was in a big hurry so I took the photo that has now been shared thousands of times. The next time he was at the office I said the same thing in a more firm tone. I was not prepared for my coworker to respond that the seat belt was off, and this could cause a car accident. His response was very blunt.

After this exchange I took a photo of him, and it ended up being shared thousands of times. I thought everyone knew my coworker, they would see me standing there with the photo and think I was really angry and that they should have seen his reaction. I have since learned that this was his first interaction with someone who is a bodybuilder. My coworker came up to me later that day and thanked me for sharing the photo with him. I thought this was the end of it. We had lunch together that day at Starbucks and he apologized, but he wasn’t too sorry about the whole incident. He just said that the seat belt thing was not an issue because he just has no idea what happens if the seat belt is on and he has never been in a car accident, and he told me he would get a second seat.

I’m sure the guy who was in the car has had many similar conversations in his life about weight loss.

This guy and I had a good laugh about the incident.

I’m sure there are a lot of different people who have lost belly fat, and it definitely seems to vary from person to person. So to each his own.

The American public is far ahead of Congress in terms of favoring tighter gun laws over loosening them, according to a new poll.

The Pew Research Center said 53 percent of the nation’s 7,914 adults favored stricter gun laws to 25 percent opposed.


Pew said that the majority of gun owners support stricter gun law and said it did not matter how others describe

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