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Why or why not? Have you ever tried to eat at the restaurants in the hotels at night? I’ve eaten the same two meals at most hotels since I started to work there. This is a question that has been bothering me for well over 15 years. Do you have any tips for making your hotel meals as healthy, delicious and economical as possible? The one I love so much is, “Have the lunch. Do not eat the dinner.” I usually don’t eat until after my next day of work. This way I will not become hungry again. I also always have a salad. As a person that is prone to over eating and not being very healthy, it’s a no brainer. What is your favorite kind of soup or noodle? I used to try all kinds. I now, however, prefer just a simple white soup. I have never really found any soup with vegetables or beans. This soup is perfect.

This post contains a recipe for Keto Korma. It is completely vegan, contains no meat, and is gluten free! If you are looking for a gluten free korma or a Keto Korma recipe than this is the way to go!!

I am a huge fan of Keto Korma, but most of the time I feel like it is just too much and not enough, like the calories for one whole scoop will be the equivalent of 3 breakfast cereals or a whole 12 cup of milk.

Since Keto Korma was announced, I started eating in places that are not the traditional restaurants, such as food trucks (you can find some of my favorites at the end of this post), my friends’ houses, and grocery stores I am so glad I have Keto Korma to make up for it!

Why Keto Korma?

I do not remember the first time I had a Kefir or Keto Korma, so I really don’t know if it was the first time to eat one or not. The one I have now is my absolute favorite part of Keto Korma!

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I am not a keto nut and I have had trouble getting the Keto Korma recipe to work when I have tried eating Kefir or Kefir+ milk. But Keto Korma has become a really wonderful and delicious treat for me! It is really easy to make the Keto Korma, just add water and a bit of sugar and you are done

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