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The only way you could do this was by using a USB connection via the computer or console so the game controller could communicate with the computer. You could use USB to boot into Dolphin.

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30 Easy Ways to Lose Weight Naturally (Backed by Science)
HBO executives in Los Angeles were aghast when it was revealed last month that the cable network had been handed access to the massive cache of HBO footage from Inside Out. A network lawyer is now preparing to sue anyone that is seen or listens to it.

“HBO is aware of a lawsuit filed in New York concerning the Inside Out film,” an HBO spokesperson wrote us in a statement.

The lawsuit comes in the aftermath of a legal battle regarding what HBO got for its $5.7 billion investment in Pixar, the company that made the Inside Out-featured blockbuster.

At the end and beginning of July, HBO got the Inside Out footage for a price that is being fiercely disputed by Pixar. The company argues that the footage is theirs alone and that the footage they were given belongs to the people who put it into motion.

Pixar claims they got the footage for a price which will be more than double the amount that they originally offered when they first approached HBO with the idea of licensing the Inside Out footage. In recent days, a Disney source has told us they also approached the network for the Inside Out footage, but was rejected.

If you’ve already spent half an hour watching the videos of a guy named John Sutter playing the classic, 1980s computer game Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2, then you have a solid idea of how much fun the game can be.

But perhaps your first interest in Command & Conquer was about more serious stuff, when you were an 8-year-old, playing as the alien Gorn Commander in classic Space Invaders. When games got to the point where you had enough pixels to do something cool, it was about time to do the cool stuff. And, that’s exactly what John Sutter has done with Command & Conquer:

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