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That’s easy.

If it happens to be a fat-loving cat, you know that fat production is a major factor in building up your body weight.

Most cats are pretty good at burning calories for fuel from their food alone, but if they are eating a lot of fat-rich foods, they may have trouble burning off that calories.

If they are really trying to burn off the calories that they’ve consumed, they will need to get a good balance of carbohydrate and fat in their diet and they will also need to restrict their caloric intake.

Fat, on the other hand, is the best fuel for burning muscle and improving your endurance.

Fat-eating cats and dieting cats

Unfortunately, in the wild, cat eating is largely restricted to only eating fat-rich and non-viral foods.

Some cats eat both and occasionally do eat meat, but most do it with an effort and not necessarily because they want to.

The main reason for this is that you only ever eat the foods that you can actually digest.

It’s not that cat food contains too much fat, but when you are only eating the foods that your body can process, you don’t get the carbs and fats that you need to build muscle and fight infection.

This is where dieting comes in, because cats can go a long way (like 12-18 months) without eating a lot of calories.

This also allows your muscles to recover, as they are not used to eating a lot of calories and they have ample stores of fats and carbohydrates to burn as well.

The best way to lose weight from food is to get off the food that allows you to digest it all the best you can.

This is why some cats will not only avoid food that is full of carbohydrate (such as corn, rice, beans, flour, and even the kind that says “wheat” on it) but also those that are full of protein and/or fats.

Why do cats eat so much fat?

So far we have covered a ton of facts, but there is still some more you need to know.

Let’s take a look to figure out exactly what makes up the most delicious and nutritious food to feed your cat.

The most popular foods are those that contain high levels of fat (fats are usually referred to as “essential fatty acids” and they are one of the best foods to make your cat

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