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It’s not smoking and it’s not drinking. And it really is not gambling and neither are you.” This man was not a fan of smoking.

On being accused by the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) of “laundering money from Russian organized crime”.

On being accused of engaging in “illegal activities related to foreign powers”.

“In my opinion, I’m a whistleblower. I’m a whistle-blower. I’m an American whistleblower.”

On WikiLeaks and whether he has “confessed” to anything.

The whistleblower was born in the Soviet Union, was educated in the US and the UK, lived in the USSR and became an American citizen. He lived in the US for a decade while working in Russia and after a period living in Ecuador. During his time in the US he has worked in the area responsible for maintaining secrecy and security. His work has been largely in the area of maintaining secrecy, information management and security of vital sources of information.

During his time in the US he served as an FBI agent, as well as a counterintelligence agent. He is also a certified cryptologist, being certified with his work at Fort Detrick. His work has been primarily focused in identifying and stopping terrorist activity, both for domestic purposes, as well as overseas.

Image copyright AFP Image caption President Rouhani, who was elected in June, was elected for four consecutive terms from the Assembly of Experts

Iran’s parliament has voted to impeach President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and replace him with President Hassan Rouhani after six years as vice-president.

The vote was carried by a large majority, with 99 out of 200 lawmakers voting to suspend Mr Ahmadinejad.

The vote clears the way for an assembly with a new vice-president.

The Assembly of Experts, which has an executive branch, will make a decision on Mr Ahmadinejad’s removal within 72 hours.

Under Iranian law, an Assembly of Experts ruling would be announced within a few hours, so the president’s supporters will want to see a result before the assembly’s decision is implemented.

But the president himself said he would attend the hearing to see how the new vice-president would perform.

The president does not have the right to interfere in parliament’s internal workings, although Mr Rouhani’s supporters have used this right in the past.

On Thursday, he said the Iranian people “would be better off” without Mr Ahmadinejad, who was elected on a platform

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