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One thing we can tell you is, if you are on a Paleo diet at these low levels for 6 months, you will burn fat faster, which means you will lose weight faster, and you will make healthier choices. There is no need for you to worry about going overboard!

But the question is still out of your hands! How do you keep a consistent and healthy weight?

One way to do this in Paleo is to go on Paleo low carb training.

In that case, instead of doing low carb workouts (i.e. low carb strength training): You can do the same workouts, but add in some low carb exercises and work out at a low level. Here are some Paleo low carb exercises that I like doing. (I find this very similar to other training that is done to lose weight.)

You will need:

Two weeks worth of high fat/high protein carbs
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A bar

Three weeks worth of high fat/low protein carbs, that you can eat at the same time.

One week of a Paleo program

You can adjust the training and the carbs to your weight loss goals. (You will lose the same amount of weight, but you will do less work, and have more control over how much fat you lose, for example.)

Here are just a few of the low carb high protein workouts that I use:

For example, I would do this if I wanted to lose 7 percent of my body weight in six weeks.

Paleo low carb training – Low Cardio and Long Stool

As long as you eat the Paleo low carb training in the context of an athletic diet that is low carb and high protein, which is not the typical case for many people who are trying to lose weight in the Paleo diet, your workouts should be the same. You want to get your body doing the same amount of work, but with lighter weights and with the aim of increasing fat loss. Here is an exercise routine for that.

Here is an exercise routine for that. See The Paleo Way for more information on how to do it. The exercises are mostly bodyweight exercises.

I love to do this workout because it has many different body parts, which means it allows you do multiple exercises at various levels of body part intensity. It also provides lots of calories, because if you get to a certain weight from this, you are burning body fat for fuel.

It is best to use a

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