What is considered rapid weight loss? – Fast Weight Loss Diet Plan Lose 5Kg In 5 Days

It depends on a number of factors and it is usually not as simple as reducing calories too fast. This is because there is a “fat to lean mass conversion” period associated with all diets and many of the studies included in the most recent Cochrane Review and other reviews are based on observational observational trials. The period for weight loss in these studies is longer (3-6 weeks) than the 5-7 week period required for dietary reduction resulting in weight loss.

For example, the weight loss in the Cochrane Review results were measured between February 2008 and February 2012. This period is a very short one because the average weight loss in the study lasted only 3 weeks.

When the researchers reviewed the weight loss data they found that there was no change in the amount of fat (percentage of body weight lost) in the subjects’ abdomens, and no significant difference in the amount of fat that was distributed between the visceral and subcutaneous sides of the body. There was also no change in the amount of fat distributed between the abdominal skin folds, but there was an increase in the amount of fat over the upper part of the abs. In the upper body, there was a shift of some 1.5-3 percent of total fat, but not much more than that. This shift resulted in some changes in the skin fat distribution between the skin folds and the muscle of the upper body.

When comparing the average weight loss between groups there was no effect of the group (fat distribution level) on the change in weight. Therefore there was no change in the number of subjects who were not metabolically healthy.
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This means that the average weight reduction resulted in no real change in body fat when compared to those individuals who lost all their weight.

A study published in the Mayo Clinic Proceedings in 2014 concluded that:

Fat loss can take up to 6 months and is considered an intervention. It is highly variable but generally takes between 4 and 8 weeks. The amount of fat lost with a dietary fat reduction program differs between studies.

The authors reported that there were few differences in the amount of fat lost between individuals with type 2 diabetes in terms of weight loss or the number of diet episodes. However, it is estimated the individuals with type 2 diabetes may lose an average of 12.5 kg fat and 7.5 kg lean body mass after a single 12-week dietary fat reduction program.

Therefore, this study showed that there was no difference between groups in terms of the amount of fat

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