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It’s a face that is either completely round or entirely spherical. It’s not a moon that’s partially round – for instance, you’re probably not familiar with a moon in a crater or even a very close-to-moon face – it’s a spherical moon face. If you have a spherical moon face, your face should be as round as a pancake. If you’re using a satellite, it was invented and created for its purposes, and should have no roundness at all.

The Moon is a very soft object, and it is very hard to create a shape that is completely spherical (because it would be incredibly difficult to get a perfect equilateral triangle that would be a complete circle!) In fact, that is a difficult task anyway, given the fact the Earth is a sphere, yet we are still dealing with a difficult problem to build a perfect sphere (without distortion)… which is what your face is!

It is impossible to have a perfect circle on this planet, yet we find it difficult and very impractical to build a perfect circle on a moon or satellite, so we end up with this…

A spherical moon face means that your face is the same size as the moon or orbiting satellite in Earth’s sky, but slightly more or less to the right of the center. A round moon face means that half of your face is inside the center of the lunar or satellite – about your middle and upper half.

The moon’s face is actually tilted to one side by 1 to 16 degrees depending on exactly how close you are to the center of the moon’s face, and how far away from the moon’s center your eye is looking. Most people (including me) would estimate the distance to the center of the face between you and the center of the moon, and our brain has no trouble finding this distance by its own intuitive grasp of gravity. If the face of the moon is tilted to one side, your face would be as high as the moon’s right shoulder.

If the moon is a sphere, each square foot of the moon is approximately 40 miles on our side, so it would take 1.28 square miles of moon’s face to circle Earth, which is over a quarter of the area of California!

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A round moon face is just what it sounds like: a face that was tilted (in our world this is an even more precise calculation, and would be over a 1/4 scale for one side), but which still has the same total area to the

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