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This is one of the first questions people ask me about losing belly fat. And for good reason, it can be very difficult to do so, as the amount of fat a single person stores can change with age and lifestyle. However, once you have been doing the steps outlined here you will see remarkable results in weight loss – and keep in mind that you will lose belly fat on a daily basis, not just during your training.

You are going to experience a variety of different things when your body is trying to compensate for the loss in muscle mass it must do to allow you to keep gaining muscle mass. One of these things is called insulin resistance.

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Insulin Resistance is the process by which your cells in your body get less able to use glucose (sugar) from your blood, and instead, store the fats in your body. This occurs because the cells no longer have the sugar to run the mitochondria in your body which are responsible for making new blood cells and muscle.

This explains the first, obvious change you will notice when you have lost fat. Your body no longer has the energy to utilize fat stores and instead converts the fats into glucose instead. You will see a loss of belly fat on a daily basis, but more importantly, you will notice this change in the way your body uses and breaks down muscle tissue in your lower body as well. This will leave your muscle tissue unable to be fully utilized, and will cause you to lose a considerable amount of muscle mass in the short term.

Another part of insulin resistance is the increase in insulin secretion.

As described in the article above, your body is getting unable to use stored fat in excess of its actual need, which causes a significant increase in the levels of insulin in your blood. When your body is trying to balance its own hormones by producing the hormones needed for fat loss, these changes will result in a large change in the way your muscles handle and use the energy you produce. These changes cause a change in the way muscle tissue responds to any force being applied to the muscle.

With the increase in insulin, the tissues in the upper body that are responsible for maintaining your posture will be affected the most, which will leave you feeling stiff and stiffer the longer this process is going on.

In addition to not being able to use stored fat for energy, increased muscle breakdown also causes you to lose bone density. This leads to loss of muscle mass as well, which you are now not able to maintain.

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