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Water fasting is generally thought of as an extreme diet – that is, it’s very restrictive in the way it makes you lose weight. But, there are some beneficial qualities to water fasting and other extreme diets:

It causes weight loss through a phenomenon called ‘calcium channel blockade’. Basically, calcium is broken down into minerals such as calcium phosphate, calcium carbonate and sodium bicarbonate. These are broken down by the body into amino acids which are useful for building cellular tissue, or proteins and energy for cellular growth and repair (a process called protein synthesis).

It reduces inflammation, which causes both arthritis and inflammatory disease

It helps to prevent and control allergies.

And it helps to lower the risk of cancer by limiting growth plateaus.

Why would I want to eat with water fasting?

It helps to prevent and control allergies.

It helps to lower the risk of cancer by limiting growth plateaus.

There is evidence it reduces the risk of a number of diseases, including Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

It may also slow the effects of ageing and helps to prevent osteoporosis.

What about water too? A water-only diet has similar benefits to water fasting. For some people, the benefits of water fasting are less pronounced and might not be as beneficial.

You may enjoy water more than you think and it may be harder to stay hydrated if you are drinking it. For this reason, the average person probably won’t benefit from water fasting in the same way it can reduce risk factors for chronic diseases and improve health – unless you are looking for a fast.

The main disadvantage to water fasting is that it can be very boring. It’s much like a regular diet for some people, and that has its benefits, but it can be a really stressful and even disheartening experience for those who want to try water fasting.

It’s important to use the facts at the start to guide your discussion of water fasting. But first, ask yourself a few questions to understand what this diet may enable you to achieve.

Water fasting is often associated with starvation

Although water fasting is generally associated with starvation, there’s significant scientific evidence that you can also lose weight if you eat a normal, well-balanced diet when fasting.
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For example, if you are exercising a high intensity, low volume exercise routine then you will burn a lot of energy without having to restrict food intake.

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