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One reason diet causes weight loss is that it provides a balanced, satisfying amount of calories. Many studies have concluded that diet is the most effective weight loss tool. And if you think the way you eat is the whole truth, it can be! But, that’s not where we’re coming from.

This article was originally written in February 2015. We’ve updated it with information on recent research and how it relates to weight loss. We also added links to our research, where you can read more about diet and obesity.

Why do you think the food we eat influences our weight?

There are various factors we all have in our everyday life, and one of these influences weight.


Diet affects weight by impacting your gut microbiome. The gut microbiome is a microbial ecosystem comprised of bacteria that live in your gut. It is a complex ecosystem in which the bacteria live in symbiosis with your immune and digestive systems. This relationship is important because it is the body’s natural way to protect itself from disease and prevent disease-causing bacteria that do not thrive in that environment .

The body’s digestive system absorbs calories, and so, when you eat healthy – not too much, and not too little – your gut may be able to absorb them more efficiently. This means you will have a less acidic body composition, which means the bacteria will have a chance to thrive. The more acidic in your blood, the more energy you have!

For example, a study that I think will surprise many is examining bacteria from the gut that produce methane, which is also produced in the metabolism of the body and contributes to body weight.

The results of that study showed that mice that were given a “sugar diet”, that are lacking in a large number of gut microbes, had lower body weights. The mice also had a better energy tolerance!

There are many more reasons why the food we eat influences weight, including hormones – which are another area that is growing in popularity in the West, as they are proven to be effective in increasing your body weight.

Other factors that can be related to diet include the amount of physical activity, how often you exercise, the quality of your diet – and in some cases – what we eat. Studies show that eating a diet high in saturated fat is bad for weight — but that is not so much an issue for dieting women. They are more likely to have some extra weight because they tend to eat less food and are less active

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