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Probably not. Most healthy foods are also high in protein and healthy fats; thus, eating dinner often gives you a greater energy intake, which can aid in weight loss. On the other hand, eating out can keep you from consuming enough calories because we tend to eat out for one meal as well as two. It isn’t difficult or difficult at all to avoid these kinds of foods—in fact, to keep your weight away, you might even make it easier. For some tips on this topic, see this list of healthy foods to watch out for (that have no added sugar or refined oils) and this list of healthy foods to avoid (that have sugar-added products in them). It’s also important to think about food options, since, depending on your health needs, you might want to skip some things.

Are your meals prepared in a restaurant or grocery store? Yes. The problem is, with all the extra steps you normally have to take to prepare a meal at home, these steps aren’t as easy as they seem. You would still need to make sure that you and your families all have adequate food and water supplies, and you’d still need to take a trip out to the restaurant after a meal to take care of the leftovers. Additionally, the menu may not always show what you’ll want beforehand, or it may even have limited ingredients that you’d end up needing in more situations than you might have expected.

Are there certain dishes that I should make at home at least twice a week? There are, indeed. We often make salads and smoothies every day and keep recipes for these meals under wraps even from our partners and families, but we do it so that we can maintain our weight for as long as possible. On top of preparing these foods on Monday mornings, in the evenings, in the evening when we’re out and about, and at breakfast and dinner, you can make a lot of these recipes for us every day. For tips on how to use meal planning and cooking to stay active and healthy, see our article on the two key elements of a healthy life: exercise and healthy eating.

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