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Sure, but we would like to see some kind of income stream and a little bit of help from the government to make it worthwhile,” he said.

He then went into detail on how these kinds of furniture pieces are made. “You work your way up through the ranks. I used to be a wood carpenter. I’ve worked my way up to do flooring in hotels and restaurants. I’ve worked with other furniture makers. It’s all a very big business, and the average price of a piece of furniture is a very high amount of money.”

“And we’ve got to do something about that,” he added, referring to the low price of the wood-based products. “If we try to raise prices and sell the wood-based products at the same price as the non-wood products, we’ll find ourselves out of business.”

The current situation is not good for the country, he stated, and is likely to become worse when they have a recession and that’s when a lot of these furniture companies are going to go out of business.

As a member of the Senate Budget Committee, Warren suggested lowering the minimum wage on those workers making less than $15 an hour, and she has advocated for a national minimum wage of $9.70 an hour, which would see the majority of Americans employed at wages below the minimum wage. “That’s a minimum wage that is low enough to get the economy going enough to get people to try to work more part-time hours,” she said.

The Senator also supported expanding Social Security benefits so that individuals age 65 and older, which currently have an income of $10,700 per year, would receive a maximum monthly payment of $3,900.

The Senator made it clear that she intends to continue working with Republicans in Congress and in opposition, she also addressed the issue of corporate welfare. “I didn’t have a lot of experience with that until I was on the Judiciary Committee but, yes, I support the Republican approach to this,” Warren said.

“In some cases,” she stated, “you can give corporations billions of dollars in taxes, like they did in Canada last week, in order to keep corporations from moving jobs to China or Mexico. But you need to set limits on it and make sure that when corporations do move jobs overseas, they hire American workers so they can bring new jobs back here.”

“This is corporate welfare. Big corporations don’t want to hire American in their factories.”

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