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One of the most important skills to develop is how to build a solid working relationship with your workmates. We don’t want anything to be difficult, so we set goals, and work towards them.

How much training does it take to become a good worker?

It takes years of experience to be able to teach and to master a process and to work as a team to provide the very best service we can. There will always be a gap between what works and what people want, so it’s important you take your time to develop and hone your skills.

We have a number of apprentices we like to train, and also offer apprenticeships. We are happy to talk to people who would like to join our team, or you can see how to get started by visiting our jobs page here:

How long does it take to become an apprentice?

We have a total of 13 full time apprentices, and 9 full time staff who are working under the guidance of a qualified person. They have the basic knowledge and all of these apprentices are working to the same minimum qualifications as each other, so it takes no time at all and it’s all about giving each other the support and confidence we’re looking for. Also remember that they have a contract, so they are a part of the team.

What are they earning?

Working in the craft trades can be extremely good, and can go on in all areas of life. The average hourly wage across all crafts has been rising steadily in recent years, rising to a combined rate of 14,000 pounds per year, which is very reasonable. We also give a very significant bonus for the performance of our apprentices, which can be up to 30% of the monthly pay of the apprentice.

How long does it take a person to move into skilled trades?

That depends on age, on education, on experience, and on whether or not they’ve got good work experience. There’s nothing that dictates, as we have to make these decisions, that you will be a qualified person in a particular trade. So if you’ve got a degree in engineering or we have a business degree, we will consider those possibilities, but we always work with you and seek other options as we’re sure it’ll be a great challenge.

How many apprentices can you have at once at the same time?

We are looking to take on an apprentice of around 7-8 at the same time. Our apprenticeship is structured in such a way

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