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Billionaire Donald Trump has become embroiled in a debate about his refusal to release tax returns to explain his business experience and potential conflicts of interest.

Mr Trump said he was under audit, and would instead release them next year, as President Obama has done.

But the White House was quick to call the move a “ransom”.

“Mr Trump is under audit by the Internal Revenue Service,” a spokesman for the Internal Revenue Service said in response to Mr Trump’s remarks.

“He refuses to release his tax returns for tax purposes. He is refusing, as he has made clear, until such time as he is able to do so. In the meantime he will continue to use tax law to his benefit and not the benefit of the American people.”

Mr Trump has vowed to run for president in four years, and he has insisted that no tax returns are necessary so that people “know how profitable” his businesses are.

When asked about the controversy this week, the Republican candidate said: “If there was something on the internet it would be a lot better, not like the things you read about it and you say the whole thing is crazy.

“If there’s something on the internet, you know that it’s a disgrace.”

He went on to suggest that he would release them, but only after being elected president.

But this did not reassure Democrats.

“I wish he would release that so that we can get an idea of the finances of his business,” said House minority leader Nancy Pelosi.

“But if he’s hiding and he’s going to be president of the United States for the next four years I think it’s a scandal, and I think there’s something deeply wrong about it.”

Mr Trump’s lawyer has said that he is willing to release his returns but that President Obama’s IRS had asked for details that were “inappropriate for the release of personal tax returns”.

A group of students at Boston University have launched a social media campaign to encourage students to go vegan as a way to “take back our campus.”

Boston University, located in Massachusetts, is one of the nation’s largest liberal arts colleges, including Harvard University. About

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