How can I get free woodworking tools? – How To Set Up A Tiny Woodworking Shop

If you’re just starting out, there are a lot of great free resources that will not only help you start and learn, but that will give you a wide variety of services ranging from professional woodworking tools all the way down to hand making wooden items.
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I can help you get free woodworking tools?

Yes, if you’re an avid woodworker and want free woodworking supplies from me, please contact me with a detailed description about your project and I’ll get back to you right away. This helps ensure I have all the time in the world to give you all the assistance you need to get a beautiful wooden masterpiece. If you feel you might not have enough time to set up shop on your own, my company has plenty of other jobs that you can do to fill your days and pay my bills!

Is it ok to sell me free woodworking tools?

No, of course not. I sell only genuine craftsmanship tools and do not use my business as a front!

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