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There are a few routes you can take. For a start, you can just take the bus to the mall (about half-way between the mall and the hospital). This will take about a half hour with a 30 minute peak.

The bus from the mall to the hospital runs about $10 a way. The bus will not stop in the hospital during peak hours.

You pay this in change, which can be picked up throughout the city (see table below).

If you have the time, the second option is to walk around and see what is on sale and what is open in that mall location. It’s a lot of fun!
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There are also a series of malls that serve both the hospital and the mall. From there it can take you to many places within the city. The location of these, as I understand it, can be seen from the map on this page: Map of City of Minneapolis – All Mall Locations – Click to Zoom.

The one stop bus that runs all the way from the hospital to the mall, runs about $6.50. If you have the time, it is worth taking this route as it will take you right to the mall.

If you are really desperate, you can get a ride with the free Metro Transit bus between the mall and the hospital on a weekday afternoon (see page 3).

You can also rent a bike at the Minneapolis Transit Museum, on the 4th floor of the Westin hotel (see page 3). They only rent bikes if you buy a rental with a credit card.

If you are really desperate, you can rent a bike at Bicycle Cafe in the North Loop Mall (see link below for directions). They are open on weekdays and weekends and there should be some bike racks in the mall.

You could also take either the Skyway light rail to the hospital or the Skyway bus to a downtown downtown Minneapolis neighborhood and take the Skyway bus back.

Other places to park in that area:

The other option that you really need to take is to rent a car, since parking costs anywhere from $20 to $100 per day. You can do that for about 30 minutes for the mall, since it does not stop until 3 a.m. and there are people walking around. Renting a car for that amount of time would cost an average of around $120. At that rate, that is $40 a day for parking, or roughly $80 a

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