How do I build a cheap workshop? – Starting A Wood Furniture Business

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This article is about how to build a workshop. For other uses, see Workshop.
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You will need:

(You might also need to pick up a couple of recipes and a couple of items from the Grand Exchange for an additional amount of gold.)

In order to build the workshop, it’s best to have a workshop that has a single user account (such as a free account) and two accounts (for the guild house).

A guild account (or an individual or an organization account) is an account used by players to interact with each other and the Guild Wars 2 Wiki through forums, blogs, and other communication tools. A guild account will allow guild members to communicate with each other directly, as opposed to having to use their respective websites that have individual websites. If a Guild Wars 2 account does not already exist, there are two ways to create it: create a new account on the World of Warcraft website or use a free trial of the Blizzard site. An account in free service can be used for up to 60 days before being required to pay for a renewal. A trial account can be used for up to 30 days. The trial period does not expire if cancelled.

If the guild’s guild name contains spaces (for example: “Guild of Kiel”,”Guild of Kiel”,”Guild of Karkinos”), they will need an apostrophe on the end of it or they will need to have at least two other guild names to join.

edit] How do I trade items? [ edit ]

There are three options to make a trade:

Trade between the two user accounts – This method usually works better than the third one as the buyer and the seller now use the same account and the trade is completed much faster.

Trade one of the two accounts and have it complete within 5 business days; otherwise, do it by emailing the other account and asking the other account to send the item and item ID.

Trade one of you with one of the other user accounts. The problem is that you need to exchange the item as well as the trade address. Some players prefer a quick form-filling of trades rather than making the trade in person. For this method, you would need the user account for trading, two accounts (to complete both tasks at once), a Guild Bank with money and three tradeable objects (the item ID, the item of interest, and an item of interest) – see below on trade

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