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The workshop is a one-step process from buying the material (Wood, CinderBlocks and other parts) to making the machine. This process is simple, yet surprisingly rewarding. The simple steps is that you gather all the required material. This can be as simple as picking one block from the wood stockpile and putting that in the workshop. The process is called woodcutting, it’s a very simple job as you just have to cut the wood into two piles of one material, the material you want to make the wooden machine from. If you don’t have woodcutting, then you just have to pick up a block and place down a pile of red ores.

The other method is to buy some of the materials and craft them in the workshop. This is a very time consuming and tedious process, but it helps us fill out the rest of the wood stockpile. You can easily start out by buying some logs, the crafting materials, and the woodblock you would like to build the woodworking machine from. If you want more materials to make the woodwork machine, then you also have to purchase more wood from the wood stockpiles. Once you have the materials, then follow the above procedure for woodcutting in order to make all the needed woodblocks. The only thing left will be to craft and place those wooden blocks together.

Do I have to be a master woodcutter in order to build the workshop?

If you are a woodcutting master, then yes. It’s not that hard and you should be able to finish the workshop in no time. There are several videos about woodcutting including how to build a basic workshop (in the video here) and a couple more tutorials on how to make the workshop more advanced.

What are the materials that I need to build my first wood crafting machine?

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Here’s what they have been talking about…

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