How do I market my woodworking business? – Custom Woodworking Business Magazine

I have a number of websites to help show you how to market your woodworking business. One I’d suggest is our woodworking directory, which features a large number of woodworker and business listings in North America, as well as more niche woodworking forums. You may also join a woodworking e-group and post your woodworking business on a forum there (usually a free service from the Internet Service Provider (ISP). In those forums you can talk about woodworking and share ideas as to which type of woodworking products you’d like to make. The sites I mention all have free hosting (you can access them from home).

If you have a blog, I suggest checking out our blog directory as well. Many woodworking blogs are designed for people who have no commercial woodworking experience (or are unsure about their future with woodworking), but if you’ve got some years in the industry, then you should have great ideas. For example, we once did a post about woodworking tools. It was a lot of fun to read and find more information on many products that people use.

Also, check out our online catalogs, which features information about all the products we sell: tools, saws, veneers, finishes, countertops, planks, etc. You may buy from the catalogs at all our major online retailers, many of which are in the United States (like Amazon, eBay, and Home Depot.) Some of them also carry other brands we sell as well!

How much does a woodworker make?

A recent survey from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) shows that the unemployment rate for woodworkers was just 4.6 percent in January 2007. This puts us in the middle of the pay scale in the US economy. The BLS also reports that average wages for loggers were $35 per hour in 2000 [i.e. at least $20 lower than our current cost of production, with a median salary of $25.95, which I estimate to be about $8.00 less than our actual production costs]. Some of you have probably figured out that most woodworkers spend less than 1% of all their time working on their own property. At the upper end of the scale, most average woodworkers work as a team. For example, we have 6 (2 on a team of 6) individuals who help run the business (and one owner with whom we are working on our expansion.) These 6 people average $150 per week

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