How do I market my woodworking business? – Woodworking Business Code

1. Your business needs a website on which you can upload and sell your work.

2. Choose your own domain name(s), and set your own website theme.

3. Be very specific about what your business does and where your business is located.

4. Include contact details (email address, telephone) of any interested people you are interested in selling work to, including website visitors and other suppliers.

5. Put together a sales letter outlining your business and your products, with references to your website and products and to some of the clients who will be buying it. This should be at least 700 words long

6. Put together a sales brochure (PDF in Word format) explaining your company, and then use it as a promotional item in your business advertising.

8. Get to know your target customers.

9. Choose one or more of your existing customers/suppliers, and contact them so they can learn more about the woodworking company. For example, do they know anything about you other then what is on your website? Answer any questions asked of them.

10. Make a copy of your sales/business brochure, send it out to your existing customers, and ask them to send you their information on how to contact you.

11. Tell anyone who will listen about your business and why it is so interesting to them.

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