How do I start a handmade furniture business? – Carpentry Business Name Ideas

There are a number of factors that get you started. Many start with a home and a small collection of handmade furniture. Then, if you choose to expand into new items, start with the design and construction process. Your goal is not to set some hard and fast rules as to how to construct your home furniture collection, although you should strive to build a house with a lot of style and uniqueness to it. The more detail you put into the construction design, the better equipped and skilled you will be from the design to the build.

Many people say that “all art comes through the eyes of the person who creates it.” This is a great principle, but I feel it is often missed in making furniture, especially in the smaller and/or handmade scale. If you want something that is beautiful and makes you feel good, you need to have the experience of actually making it. There is a large difference between simply feeling good about your finished product and actually doing it. Once you see how a piece is built, once you know how it was designed and constructed, its worth it.

As a general rule, once you have figured out where to start, whether it be a simple home, an out-and-back cabin, or an out-of-the-way location you are considering getting started and making a profit.

If building a small piece of furniture from scratch is too much to think about, consider buying a home that you can rent out. In a tiny home, you will get a very low cost of living plus it will keep the rent down. As your space increases and you can afford to live in a very small space, your furniture business will grow exponentially and the profit margin will be high.

A home that you can rent out offers you so many advantages and flexibility. There is no room for error with a small home and you get to be creative and pick your own design elements in-between all of your other homes like a small studio or a large loft. If you want to know more about renting a home, I have written a quick guide with plenty of information about it. Also, you will learn about the legal process and rules of living in a rented home as well as having your furniture custom built in front of you.

You can now view the original photos of the home I started with, the interior of the home I have remodeled, photos of the current kitchen, an overview of how and why I started this furniture business and why I do things the way

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