How do I start my own woodworking business? – Woodworking Business For Sale Wisconsin

We can get started today with just a basic plan, a 3D sketch, and a few tools, like a saw or a square. Our plan is to share the woodshop tools so others can learn from us and then help in the shop when I grow tired.

How do I start a woodworking blog/how to?

The woodshop plans above are our starting point. The way we teach you to use our plans to start your own business is by having the plan itself as the starting point! We encourage our students to design plans where they are asked to come up with a project idea, then turn it into a working prototype, then bring the prototype back to the woodshop so we can use it to show you how things work together.

What kind of woodworking projects can I design?

We have many types of crafts that can be used to design your own woodworking projects:

Chiseling boards for cabinet work

Cleaning up and maintaining the sawmill or sawmill room

Stuffing and securing sawmills

Storing or transporting sawmills to and from work (we’ll make it so that you can do this too)

Trunk-mounting a sawmill and the associated equipment inside your house

Storing and transporting sawmills, sawmills parts, and sawmills-related tools inside a van

Making woodworking accessories using parts of your sawmill

We have plans available to help make these types of projects, as well as other projects. These plans are designed to be very straight forward, though you will need to have some math skills to follow them.

What projects do you help students do?

Most of our students use our plans. Many of our students are not only doing this, but they are also teaching others how to do many others of our projects as well.

Our students include:

Home remodelers who are building new stuff.

Home repair folks who need a little guidance learning how to use our tools and know how to make woodworking parts.

Our students also include:

Individuals who don’t have much technical know-how or an open mind to begin with, but are looking to get more hands on in the shop.

Individuals who want to learn how to use sawmills in a new environment, rather than having someone else do it for them.

Individuals who want to make a

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