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It depends on what we want to sell and how fast we can get products to the right sellers fast. Sometimes the price of a custom made item can be much higher than the cost of one on the internet. In order to get the best price, we always need to offer a lot of perks for the buyer. So in that case we would have to consider that this could be an investment by the buyer. One thing you can do if this is something you would like to do is to ask our customer service staff, they are always happy to help you out.

So it is the buyer’s responsibility how to price what they purchased. The customer is responsible for the cost of the product. You can not force an item to cost more than it actually does. Our shop doesn’t have much in the way of inventory. So the prices we charge for items can’t really be based on that.

A key component of this industry is the fact that we can sell custom furniture as we sell custom paint jobs. The reason being is because the items are actually custom made by us for you. We have a vast range of furniture and paint products and can customize just about any piece of personal furniture you want.
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For our furniture, we can sell any type of material. We may buy wood or vinyl with vinyl attached to it, with acrylic, paint, or painted wood. So we don’t have to buy a whole truckload for a custom made piece. We can just go by a style of material we like and purchase it from a dealer.

At least once a month you are very likely to find me offering custom paint jobs for furniture. If we are not offering it, the buyer always has a good chance of getting it. So it can work.

We also have some really really rare items that we offer, like paintings like John Lennon or even Michael Jackson paintings that nobody gets anymore.

You could also get a nice book that a dealer in another state that sells a limited edition book for, and then you can put that in the case. Now if it’s available in your state you can sell it off to me for a pretty penny.

The same for posters/mugs, and anything that’s not available any other site!

We could sell even some old, very rare, or never seen before pictures that a dealer in another state, where you don’t have a lot of contact with a local shop, can give you.

I’m a big fan of collecting vintage

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