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The idea of buying raw wood from an online store is difficult at best, but if you have experience getting your own wood from the local lumber yard or forest sale, these prices should be feasible. The best time to buy this kind of wood is during the spring and fall months. If possible, pick up the wood early in the year so it is in peak condition. We generally use a mix of red maple, cherry, and pine woods as these are the two commonly used species to manufacture the highest quality custom handcrafted pieces.

Why do you need to know a lot about different types of wood? We need to know how long each type of wood has been around, what species it is, and even the species’ age. It is also helpful to know the color of the wood’s grain. The colors and patterns are unique to each species and should be carefully examined and documented to help you place your order.

How often should you wash and dry your pieces? We don’t recommend storing your finished products for long periods dry. This will make them brittle and it will weaken the wood. Wood stains are common and should be cleaned up immediately after use.

Can you sell custom pieces? We are happy to sell you custom items made with our wood. Just reach out to us through etsy for more information about working with us.

About this mod Re-enables the vanilla version of the Dragonborn perk. Permissions and credits Author’s instructions Simply don’t upload this to Steam Workshop, or otherwise copy/modify it without my permission, it’s purely self-modification. File credits This author has not credited anyone else in this file Donation Points system This mod is not opted-in to receive Donation Points


This mod re-enables the vanilla version of the Dragonborn perk, but does not remove it.


To install:

1. Get Dragonborn 1.4.0b or better

2. Copy ‘Dragonborn.esp’ and ‘Dragonborn_Dragonborn.esp’ into your Skyrim/Data directory

3. Install the new files, wait until finished, then activate it

4. Play the game, enjoy!

For those already playing Dragonborn, I have not decided whether to maintain the mod or remove it due to new mods being released. If one desires a complete replacement for the Dragonborn mod, I recommend using the “Unofficial Dragonborn Patch” instead.

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