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In general, your space in your kitchen will be the same as the space you currently use for a coffee and tea shop or a retail store. However, we want you to be able to make use of these different spaces in your shop with your craft, so there are a few considerations you must consider.

If you’re already using an existing place to store and display furniture, you will likely have to increase the clearance on this existing space. Also, the size of the furniture you’ll display is limited. So, you want to make sure you have enough space for the furniture to fit and stand out. Also, make sure that furniture is comfortable. This is most important once you start to make your own furniture, so think about the comfort of a furniture that’s already in your kitchen.

Your space in your house might be smaller than it was in your old house or home. But, remember that your kitchen is where your most important things will be. So, make sure you have plenty of room to keep your kitchen in use.

If you already own a lot of kitchen appliances, your kitchen floor will be smaller than you thought it would be and will require bigger countertops. This means that your current level countertop should be replaced with a higher level countertop to accommodate the new kitchen appliances in your shop.

If you already own a lot of counter space, you’ll need less counter space. Also, as your needs are changing, it may be worth considering converting the counter space into a workshop. As such, you may wish to consider adding an additional desk, workarea, dresser or storage area to your kitchen.

Should I add a second countertop for my new space?

Some people add additional countertops for their kitchen remodel. Most people suggest that this is for two reasons:

You want to install a taller counter top in your shop and do some remodeling around it

You want to use the additional counter space to store small items in storage

If you do decide to add a second countertop, however, keep in mind that a taller counter top will increase your space in the kitchen even more. Plus, there is no doubt that larger countertops cause more waste, which is definitely a no-no. If you have a smaller counter, make sure you consider adding counter space on the top and bottom to accommodate your new countertop.

Should the countertop be at your side or on the counter top?
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