Is woodworking hard to learn? – Wood Project Business

This article looks at the science behind the skill in a step-by-step series by learning to plan and wood plane your own projects.

Learn why woodworking doesn’t require a massive skill set? This guide will focus on the fundamentals that are so often overlooked when learning woodworking.

Learn the secret and basic process of wood turning, the most widely adopted method for woodworking out of all the traditional craft.

Find out why these traditional projects are so popular with woodworkers of all levels and skill levels.

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With the latest Windows 10 Mobile builds, the Start menu now offers a nice home for apps, plus in some cases it allows for instant-access to settings and apps.

In Windows 8.1, Start screen apps were limited to just one screen (the Start screen itself). That’s what the menu and quick settings button did in this space. Windows 8.1 had Start screens that offered a similar level of control to the Start menu.

But the new Windows 10 Mobile start menu is more than the Start screen. A small tab at the top now offers quick actions for changing settings and changing apps. It’s also worth noting that apps and settings can now be pinned to the start menu. These are useful if, for example, you are using the camera to take photos or videos.

Quick action controls

There are two main control panels with the Start menu. The first pane takes over the screen’s menu buttons and provides options for apps with a few keystrokes. Here, apps like Facebook and Twitter can be launched and launched in one tap.

On top of this screen, there are two additional panels for accessing different types of settings as you are viewing the Start screen, as well as managing apps.

Some of the new controls, such as changing the wallpaper on the Start screen and removing a notification, require you to hold down the right mouse button for several seconds before the action happens. Here, you can use the keyboard to make any changes.

These additional two panels in the Start menu are where a lot of the recent changes are and offer nice new additions to the Windows 10 Mobile. One feature that I like is that you can move through some of the additional panels.

One other change worth noting is that the Windows logo that appears in the Start screen on Windows 8.1 has

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