Should I buy a miter saw or table saw? – Woodworking Projects

Most metal users use a miter saw for small pieces of work only. Miter saws and table saws have some similarities in construction and performance, but the main difference lies in price and performance. If you plan on using your saw and table saw extensively then you will notice that the price gap between them narrows.

Here’s a quick summary to help you determine which table saw is right for your needs:

Table saw – $25/week

Miter saw / miter saw bits, or a combination – $50/week

Table saw with blades only – $45/week

If you’re new to the market and looking to pick up a piece that doesn’t cost you thousands of dollars, a miter saw will serve you better than just cutting with a circular saw. When it comes to the price of miter saw blades and miter saw bits, there are pros and cons to both kinds. If you have $25/weekly money to burn, a miter saw is going to be your best option in this category.

Table saw (also called table ripper)

The table saw is a cutting tool and is used to cut wood, metal, etc. The table saw blade starts with a sharpened bar and cuts into the wood using a blade guide that is designed to aid in the blade getting into the desired shape. The table saw blade must be sharpened, so as to ensure the blade and guide remain sharp.

You cannot have the same sharp blades with two different types of saws. You also cannot have the same blade (or blade guide) on both a miter saw and a table saw, at the same time. The cost comparison for a table saw blade is fairly straight forward.

There’s a difference between a miter saw and the table saw in that the table saw blade is flat and the blade guide is round. Miter saw blades are normally used for miter sawing but with a table saw the flat side of the blade goes on top of the table and can serve other purposes as well.

A quick overview of each blade is as follows:

Table saw blade width with blade guide is measured from the bottom of the table saw blade to the top tip of the table saw blade: 12-inch blade width with blade guide 2-inch blade width with blade guide

Table saw blade is generally 12 inches long, with the base portion of the blade being 6 inches in length. Depending on

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