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The “Biggest Loser” contestant is back doing what he loves, which is getting healthy.

After seven weeks of filming and seven months of rehab, Andy Cohen is ready to put his “biggest loser life” behind him.

“I am now officially back — or so he says, anyway,” the Bravo reality series star told People in an exclusive interview published online on Wednesday. “[The weight loss and self-esteem] is the stuff that was the hardest to get rid of.” For a man who once got a 6-foot portrait of President Obama tattooed on his forearm, Cohen is a big deal.

“The biggest winners in life are the people who want to quit at anything and everything, not the people who are willing to get through a lifetime of hardship in a way that makes them proud,” Cohen told People.

Cohen, 36, has been open about his struggles to shed the pounds, including getting diagnosed with Type II diabetes in 2015.

“The things that happened to me were horrible,” Cohen said in the story. “They were really horrible. I had this horrible disease. I wanted to give up the struggle.”

He says it was one of the toughest things a person can do, especially considering he was going through a divorce at the time.

“It’s a personal thing, it’s my own personal struggle in a lot of ways — but it was my struggle as well,” Cohen told PEOPLE.

After the weight loss, Cohen started a “Biggest Loser” podcast on his SiriusXM radio show. “After seven weeks of getting away from it, I was kind of on my own and I could just look at it and be like oh, I can just enjoy being healthy,” he said. “[My] biggest problem was I was living the way I shouldn’t be living. I wanted to give up the struggle, which is kind of the goal of the show.”

Cohen has since moved into a rehab facility after his latest episode went ”

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