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You don’t need to be a pro to sell homes, but some basics are useful. Buy furniture that you can keep when you relocate — you’ll need to move a lot to get them so you can sell. For furniture I sell I recommend these two:

The Bedroom

An inexpensive, versatile piece of furniture for the bedroom is the wall-mounted, adjustable bed. I got mine through Craigslist for around $20 and it works perfectly. It’s simple and not too heavy, and the fact that it folds away when not in use makes it even better.

The wall-mounted bed is easy to set up for anyone. The key is to find something with the right type of storage, so you know that when the bed goes, so does everything else:

Here’s my bed and everything from my closet for sale:

The Bedroom closet is a simple room with lots of storage. Everything that lives around it — a small bed, drawers, and mattress — can be moved with ease.

The Bedroom chair

When I move homes, I look for low-cost furniture that I can sell on the cheap. The chair I bought had a couple of problems that you can fix and one of them is the leg that the legs sit on.

It’s easy to fix if you can get a good pair of legs that are right for moving — but the problem is that the leg is attached to the chair in this spot and it’s only just under the seat and isn’t on the left of the seat (at the lowest part in the seat). If you’re building a living room table out from a table you own, you’ll want to be sure to keep the leg clear so that you can get a good purchase for the cheap price, because the right leg will work perfectly.

The most efficient way to fix the leg is to find a great brand and size for the leg. I’m a big fan of Lulu and have recently purchased several of their cheap options which are perfect right out of the box, but you can find them anywhere if you look hard enough. Just search Lulu for “free shipping” or “free shipping plus free pickup” in their store.

It’s really that simple.

The Wall Mounted Bed

Wall mounted beds are easier to fix in an emergency. However, they do have a few things that you probably don’t want. The leg does stick out of the bed so you’ll want it

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