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Sebastian Vettel, the German driver said he has been “very calm” and that he is “not worried” about Lewis Hamilton’s latest collision, which has left him facing a possible suspension.

After their second collision on Friday, the championship leaders crashed into each other again on Saturday, a day that also meant another three penalties.

And after both drivers complained of the weather conditions on Saturday as a result of heavy rain the weekend prior, Vettel was left with an even more uncertain future at the wheel, despite the fact that he had no accident of merit on his record to draw attention to himself in his case.

The incident, that saw Hamilton win his eighth straight race and the championship, occurred on lap 42 of the first grand prix, after which Sebastian Vettel hit Valtteri Bottas on the outside, leaving both Mercedes drivers lying on the floor of the track as Vettel continued to pull away on the outside.

Hamilton had the same feeling following the incident, with Mercedes’ Nico Rosberg telling Sky Sports F1 after the race the race was “so close to a disaster”.

“It was my first race so I was really feeling a bit of pressure because, obviously there was a great race and it goes on and it’s difficult because you don’t know what is going to happen,” Hamilton said.

“I felt all right. I’d been at a few races where it really worked out great, but obviously this one I didn’t feel great – or I’m not worried, I’m very calm. I’m not worried, I’m going to keep pushing and I’m sure that I can still do better than this time.

“We were on the safety car and then we made the call. I said ‘no’ as I was getting ready to push straight off the spot because I thought I was able to get away a little bit from Lewis and I couldn’t really see what he was doing.

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