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If you are a beginner, then you still have a lot of learning to do before you can really start to get a sense of the tools available. You can always invest in a little more knowledge but your woodworking projects will grow faster if you can learn the basics first.

So, when should you start your first woodworking project? Start building a basic set of hand tools or try to use just the right combination of wood-blocks, lathe parts, saws or a number of other things to build your first woodworking machine.

There are many variations and each tool has its own advantages and disadvantages. The main aim is to get started right away. And if you find out how easy things really are, you might not go back to using other tools.

Start by building a basic machine.

If you are just starting woodworking with a lot of blocks or lathes. Or if you just bought some wood and you don’t yet need a frame-work, you can start building with a block of wood as a first machine.

There are many woodworking machines available as kits and you can build very easily. The main point is to start something immediately. Otherwise, you will have to learn everything again later on – or you will not get quite as much out of the wood you buy. If I had to choose between spending a few hours learning how to use a lathe and using a saw to cut wood, I would choose a lathe first.

And of course, if your plan is to build a frame-work, then a woodworking machine is a must.

You might want to build an inexpensive basic wood cutting machine, such as a Dremel or a router. The idea is to cut wood and glue pieces together.

Or a small and powerful lathe. A really good one.

The best way to learn woodworking is to start with a lathe. You don’t need to buy expensive materials, you just need to find the right lathe. The first lathe needed for woodworking is sometimes referred to as ‘the best of everything’, especially the C-style lathe.

If these three options are not enough for you:

If you know some basic lathe construction you can purchase a lathe for cheap.

Build a lathe.
Vintage Rustic Tools Carpenter Handyman Woodworker ...

If you’re an experienced woodworker and you are ready to build a lathe from scratch, you might already possess a lathe. If

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