What is a good name for a woodworking business? – How To Start A Home Woodworking Business Youtube Card

The question doesn’t seem to matter. Some people, however, think that good woodworking names should be obvious, while others, like myself, insist that it’s all up to the woodworker. Here’s a little bit of what I think is the best way.

The “right” name should be descriptive, concise, and interesting. “Lace Shop for the Blind” is simply a title that I’ve heard used ad nauseam by a woodworker of that name. But if you’re not a professional woodworker, you might not even be aware of where you can get a lacy finish on a boat, or which wood to use for a box press. You probably wouldn’t notice it anyway.

My suggestion: try to imagine someone else’s name when describing your shop. (Think about something you can use to describe the furniture you work with.)

A useful tool for all woodworkers is the “I Use…” page. It lets you put out and find products and services that your customers might find particularly useful, or that might otherwise be of interest to you.

What does that look like? Some woodworkers use the “I Sell…” page. Others, like me, use the “I Use…” page; I think it’s fine as pertains to this. What I think is fine is the “I Don’t Sell…” page. It’s just the opposite of “I Use” — it’s a list of products and services you don’t sell. There’s a place to put the “I Don’t Sell…” page, too, but in this case it makes more sense to put it in the “I Use” page.

So why not put “I Use…” on the “I Sell…” page too? Well, most of us have been in this business longer than we have been in the woodworking business; we know how many names to try, and how to name people and products and services. In case you don’t realize it, the names “Wood Shop for the Blind” and “Carpenter’s Supply House” are not the same thing (and in fact have no common root in our culture at all!).

You might think that a great name would be memorable; I don’t know of an example of that being the case; after all, there are thousands of good woodworking names around the world already. But I do know there are people, like the great author of a recent book on name and trademark history, who write about their favourite

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