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We’re going to find out the basics and then talk you through the whole thing in this guide.


You’ll probably need to have some experience of woodworking to build a saw. In other words, you’ll need some knowledge of how to cut, fit, and file an saw. If you are interested in building your own, check out this article, and a similar article on the same basics.

How to Build a Saw

A saw is a large blade that can cut wood. A saw is made by cutting two pieces of wood, like this. The piece that’s on the left is the shank (the base), and the piece to the right is the saw blade.

Using a drill bit set to the size you need on a jig is the start of hand-cutting. This is also known as an “Saw Drill.” After you’ve started, you’ll need to get all three joints in the same angle for each wood piece. This is important because these pieces of wood can be warped and cause problems later.

Once you’ve got the joints in the right direction, get ready to start sanding. This is what it looks like after the first pass of the blade:

This is what it looks like in action after the third pass, with sanding on left:

You’ll also need to put in a bit of wood onto the shank of the top piece:

To make the blade start to “click” the wood in the left hand slot, use the sanding block:

Now you can sand your shank until it starts to grind into the wood. Next, move the sanding block around on the top, which should leave some sanding marks where the blade started. This is where you can start making sure each piece of wood fits snugly in the new position you’ve created. If it doesn’t, you can just move the sanding block back and forth across the workpiece until it does.

Next, put in an air stone:

This helps to create pressure in the wood. When you’re able to pull this up, the grain in the wood will begin to take shape.

Once the top piece of wood is sanded, you need to sand the right and left shanks (right hand slot and left hand slots) in the same direction, like this:

Then run the cutting bit along the inside of the slots of the left shank to create a

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