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In general, you probably need to spend about $1000-$1500 for a beginner saw, and it’s not just a matter of size and performance. The other important thing is to look for a saw that has at least 3 features: (1) 3mm blade, (2) 24″ saw plate, and (3) a solid-state spindle motor (also called continuous or rotary motor). If your saw has only 2 features, you’re probably not looking for a saw for you. Another thing to look for is a saw with a 5″ blade. You don’t need a long saw if you’re just building a small part kit, and that’s why one of the features you usually can’t really expect is much longer blade: your saw blade should be at least 7″ – 12″ long.

The 4-Handed Saw

What is the 4-Handed Saw?

The 4-handed saw is the most popular saw among homebuilders who are beginners and don’t have many tools. It is widely used for simple projects, especially in the United Kingdom (see this description of the 4-Handed Saw and its advantages). The name “4-Handed Saw” suggests it can be used for all kinds of projects, including construction (see below).

The 4-Handed Saw is generally a small, flat blade that can be used on all sorts of wood.

In general, there are many variants of the 4-Handed Saw. For example, the Bodega 4-Handed Saw has a short blade for fast cutting, which we can apply on this project. The Lazyman 4-Handed saw comes with an extra blade (6-ft). And then there are the more sophisticated and extremely inexpensive models, that can also be used for all kinds of projects (you’ll probably find even more in our shop).

The advantage of this saw is the very fast speed: you can cut a small amount of material in a couple of minutes, without any tools. But if you’re not interested in speed, you’ll need to invest in a small saw table.

A 2-Handed Saw

What is the 2-Handed Saw?

In general, your 2-Handed Saw is a medium-sized flat blade (with a 6″ blade or longer), and used for cutting all sorts of wood. Since it is used mainly for construction, you cannot get very many features or features that you

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