What is the best wood to make an outdoor sign? – Best Woodworking Business Cards

I have seen this many times since I’ve been in the wood industry. A wood that doesn’t crack, has no splinters, and is free of oils or waxes will be your best bet. I have seen one commercial product that has cracked boards, but it has a thicker board. The thicker board was used on the outside and it still cracks. The second product is a wood that had been used on a large sign, because it was too thick to work on the inside. Another commercial product is a wood that has been used for making the board for a boat. It must have been a hardwood that was not easy to work with, because the boards are the exact same size. The first product was very thick, the other was not thick enough to make a long sign. The best wood to make a sign from when you are looking for a wood to buy is a wood that has less splinters, which is a hardwood. You will be able to feel a wood that is not hardwood. You shouldn’t have to spend more than a few dollars on a wood.

To learn how to make an outdoor sign, watch this link.

This is a photo of a small sign and it is about 4.5 inches high by 3.05 inches wide. It is made from a 2-by-fender board.

The sign cost me about $30.

Do you use your sign on all your car rides?

The short answer is yes. I have used my 3/4 inch sign on many rides. And I have used my 12″ “Rabbit” sign on many rides.

I have heard your signs are the best indoor signs on the market. In my opinion, they are.

Your small 15 gauge wood sign is amazing. The size on my little sign is perfect for what was asked of my kids. They enjoy seeing their sign when they are out of it. Inexpensive and very easy to install.

What can I learn from the big sign above?

I learned that when putting together an outdoor sign you have to measure every inch of the board. This is important for the smaller signs where it doesn’t matter where the sign is.

We are proud to offer a wide variety of signs made of great quality wood. We also make large outdoor placards making up to 30 feet. Our outdoor signs also make great signs because their construction is easy to complete.

Is your wood a natural material?


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