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I really, really do not see any way you can answer that question for myself. My first instinct is to say, “What am I like that is more useful than what people around me would want?” But I don’t know.

I’ve spent the past three months in India and Cambodia. I’ve seen the great outdoors here in the sub-continent. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing my colleagues and friends abroad get up in the morning and go outside, and that’s what’s most important. I’m not particularly interested in doing things to be different.

And that’s what I’m trying to show you in this album. I’m thinking that because everyone will be seeing it on all these different outlets, they’ll have their own ways of relating to it. We’re a part of this bigger conversation, and I hope that at least someone out there is going to relate to it in meaningful ways.

So, my question is, are you going to make a follow-up album?

I hope not. The answer’s for me to know, and I hope that everyone knows at least this much as I do. I’ll still make all the albums and put them out, because that’s the point, but I’d like to make the next one not as a companion piece, but as independent and as my own.

It’s really difficult for me to talk about that, but I’m hoping it feels like that to people, so that they will support it in whatever way they can.

You’re just in a different place financially now, from what I understand of the situation – so, how’s that going?

I’ve spent my last few years with what I believe is my best and most consistent and stable career in a long time, so I’m really happy. It just sucks that the world doesn’t always let you do your thing.

How long do you want to have this record out?

I’m just hoping to get somewhere closer to a full-length record from me sometime soon. I don’t know exactly when it will happen, but I think I’ve gotta get something out in the next year or two. And then maybe another year or two. I don’t know. I will continue to do art, but I hope to move away from the studio model a little bit.

So many artists put a lot into making music, but they only release one album at a time. Are you thinking about doing more?

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