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We will do our best to help you find the fabric you’re looking for, and we may not have the exact garment style or size you’re looking for, but we’re sure that we have the right garment for your project. We’ll find you the perfect fabric for your project, or we can even find fabrics that other brands don’t sell as well, so don’t be afraid to ask. (There may be some fabric restrictions or differences when shopping online.)

Why do I have to fill out this form?

We need to do a few things to ensure that we have the right fabric, and we only sell one type each year—so that we can do business with you and not sell it to another person. You’ll also need to let us know whether we can meet your specific requirements and requirements associated with your order.

What is special about my order?

When placing your order you must provide the address at which you will receive it, or we will not be able to send your order. If you can’t provide your address or the mailing address, we are unable to ship our fabrics outside the continental United States. You need the mailing address for the order, which includes, but is not limited to the address of:

1 apartment, house, condo, group home or vacation home

3 vehicles or mobile homes

3 motor homes

4 boats, sailboats, or other small motorboats

5 trailer homes

6 trailers

8 campervans or semi-trailers

10 yachts, motor boats, or other yachts

We cannot ship to:

Any P.O., and/or PO Box addresses

Any business addresses

Any residential addresses

Any businesses with more than 50 employees

Any street addresses

Any residential addresses on the main street or side streets, unless the address is a building

Any parcel post boxes

Any residential addresses on a lot in more than one block (within 10 miles) of the original address

Any street addresses less than one and one-half blocks away from the original address

Any street addresses within one 1/4 miles of the original address

Any street addresses within one and one-half miles of the original address

Why are there fees for my order?

We will charge you for your order when you place it in our system, plus an extra handling fee. In addition, we have a separate fee

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