What woodworking projects sell well? – How To Start A Home Woodworking Business

In the past we’ve had a bunch of different ideas on the table including an “uprights”, “paintings”, “woodstacks” etc. In short, not everyone wants or needs an upright and some people, like myself, were too lazy to learn a cabinet making tool – so we went with a simple box. In this post I’ll give you the lowdown on what makes a good upright and explain some of the common misconceptions regarding them.

You don’t have to be a pro, this is just a guideline for anyone who wants their own little box.

So here we go…

Why make an upright?

An upright is the most common, most sought after home project I’ve seen. The basic reason is affordability. You need to spend in the single digits of thousands of dollars and the average house can sell for $1 to $6 million and I believe uprights can sell for as low as $350K – $400K on the open market. You will also have the chance to get your hands on many of those beautiful woodturning tools that are more expensive and more easily obtained elsewhere.
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And finally, there is a tangible benefit of having an upright. If you’re really careful, you can produce beautiful work, whether that be the work of a novice or someone experienced. An upright is the natural way to produce furniture at a home and many more artists are moving from working and living at home to the open air studio, where they can produce more finished art and do more work – especially if they own a woodworking studio to help them along.

In short, to have an upright, you have to have a good idea of where your dollars are going, what you’re planning on doing and the way you’re going about it. Your furniture will not happen without a good understanding of how much money and time you want to put into your furniture project. (For further information about this, see my previous post: Does it REALLY cost $400K to build your own woodworking shop? )

The key here is to figure out that you can build a reasonable, affordable, and aesthetically pleasing finished product that you will want to display and display many times over. If you put on the finishing touches you can make it look like a living room table, but a real person might not believe it was made with wooden tools. After all, it’s probably not worth a million dollars. This is where a nice piece you put together with a little woodworking

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