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14 Clean #100: The Power Of The Mind In The Digital World Of Design With John Doerr The world of design looks, sometimes, like all the world’s problems had been solved with the same blueprints and a hammer. What we’re really talking about, then, in our conversation is what can happen in this creative, new world — something that’s new, unexpected, and, well, mind blowing. You’ve been missing the best podcast of the year, The Creators Project. Here’s a chance to catch up while also getting access to a few free gifts in our special… Free View in iTunes

15 Clean #99: A New Kind Of Creative Work With The Creators Project’s Lisa Lisk The world of creativity is changing — more than ever before. We’re seeing more and more of it online, from YouTube to the Web itself, and more and more of it in creative projects. When it’s digital, digital art can feel a little more like…the dark heart of the mind. And this is what makes Lisa Lisk such a sought-after guest. You’ve been missing the best podcast of the year,… Free View in iTunes

16 Clean #98: Designing For People With James McVittie Designer, educator, and entrepreneur James McVittie has been in the world of design since the age of 9. He’s designed everything from an egg carton for a preschool to a book cover for a high school class. In the years since, his career as an author, an educator, and… Free View in iTunes

17 Clean #97: The New Face of Design Is Digital With Ayelet Waldman Creative director of the London-based agency Droga5 and author of “The Design Revolution” Ayelet Waldman was an art major at University College London and an artist before starting Droga5 in 2009. She’s been working for the firm ever since. Today, she’s the creative director of the agency’s digital design division. In this episode, she… Free View in iTunes

18 Clean #96: How To Make Creative Work More Accessible With Brian Mihalyi A world where more and more of your work is online is a world in which you’ll inevitably come up against restrictions. And that’s exactly why Brian Mihalyi is so adamant about making your job easier. He heads up a company called Creative Time, a company that aims to make… Free View in iTunes

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