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Over on Reddit, someone posted a picture of what look like fake wedding cakes, complete with the message: “We are in the process of making a cake for our friend’s fiancé that I’ll be posting pictures of. It’s the exact same design as a wedding cake, but the color is a little more vibrant and the icing is also a little darker. The icing is also topped with another fake chocolate icing, and there is also a fake frosting that’s in the shape of a rose. To avoid any doubt, this is actually a cake created by someone in a costume. It’s completely ridiculous.”

It goes on to state: “The fake cake was made for a wedding in the UK.” If this is a real wedding, it makes a lot of sense. Who wouldn’t make any cake for a guest they want to take pictures and write a funny meme for? And of course, the icing is a fake! And what about the chocolate-frosting? That is fake chocolate that could be used to make fake wedding cakes! The entire thing makes some pretty good sense. It makes us wonder: Did someone make these cakes?

Here’s a close-up:

From Star Trek Online Wiki

The Mjolnir Mk I Heavy Artillery Destroyer is a Lieutenant General (Tier 5) level Klingon Destroyer. Players can acquire the Mk I Heavy Artillery Destroyer by progressing through the Klingon Defense Force Starship Mastery Rank IV.

The Mk I Heavy Artillery Destroyer is able to fire Mjolnir Beam Lasers for up to 9,000 damage against players and up to 2,000 damage to enemy vessels. In addition, its Mjolnir Heavy Lasers have increased range and do more damage against targets below 50% health. Additionally, these weapons are capable of hitting targets up to 20 yards away at maximum range. The Mk I Heavy Artillery Destroyer’s armor and shields become more resilient. [1] It also has a recharge time of 5 seconds, and can be commanded by a Commander to “Fire!” for 5,000 points of damage over 2.5 seconds. [2] The Mk I Heavy Artillery Destroyer also has access to Mjolnir Beam-Launchers which can fire at up to 30 meters, but only do 20% damage to their target (instead of 50%).

In the Klingon Defense Force, this ship is equipped with

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