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Weight is also very important to the racehorse, especially in a large field. In these competitions weight is very close to maximum weight, usually above 4,000 grams.

A horse may weigh nearly 4,000 grams and still have a lean, tanned body. This gives a horse the ability to run fast and maintain speed for long periods of time, with no problems.

Weight also has a role in performance for the top horses. Top-grade horses have extremely strong muscles with the ability to sustain high speeds during the race. They are built for competition.

Racehorses are generally considered overweight or obese at the time of breeding.

Why is weight so important for a horse?

With so many horses vying for the same prize, they are all striving for the same target. A good horse can run and gallop well even when over 4,000 grams overweight. But it becomes even more valuable when you have the ability to run a race and still be able to race.

It is important that the horse runs fast and has a good feeling for racing pace. You may have heard that “The horse is at full speed when it runs its first lap.” It may be true, but is the rider at full speed when the horse is running its first lap?

If the horse has a great feeling but no control over the pace, if it has a very low level of fitness when it is racing and when it is training, if the training can’t prepare it to work fast, there is an inherent risk in a race that the riding and riding position will fail.

The top horses tend to come from the most thoroughbred lines, so the top level riders often have a lot to learn from riding the thoroughbreds.

You can have very well-trained race horses if they are trained properly. They must learn how to control the pace of the race, how to be comfortable at a high level. If we ride fast and the horse does not feel comfortable when we pace it, and we do not do our training, the horse can have problems. If you ride fast and the horse does not feel comfortable, does the racing start too quickly for the horse?

It can be difficult to find the right horses for a long enough time to have enough experience. The time you have between breeding and a win is precious. It can make or break a winning pedigree. The more riding experience you have, the faster you can learn.

The main thing

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