Can you paint rustoleum over Krylon paint? – Las Vegas Street Spray Paint Art Demonstrations

I have no idea where this idea came from, this is just the only reason I’m sharing this with you guys đŸ™‚

I’ve never seen an easy way to do this without ruining the paint or the acrylic or whatever, and there are actually a few steps. All you need to do is dry fit the paint with a hobby knife right into the plastic. You’ll need to get it a little smaller to do this smoothly. Then, take some masking tape (you can find a variety of different types at stores like Target or Staples) and mask off the top of the painting and gently rub over the rustoleum. Be sure to avoid the acrylic if you are working with it.

Once the paint covers the rustoleum, carefully lift the masking tape away and gently wipe up any excess paint off with a damp (not sticky like you might normally see) cloth. Then, simply repeat as much as you need to cover your paints. Don’t worry if it is only a little bit of paint, its not going to take a ton to get the job done. In fact, most of the paint I get through with these jobs isn’t even that noticeable, and the job is far easier and quicker if you’re able to cover everything.

So, what you need…

What you don’t need…

What do I need…

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For one:

a hobby knife

a small bottle of Krylon Paint Spray

for two:

a wet towel (for cleaning up after)

a sponge

a hobby brush

A few small parts

For two:

a dry sponge



spray paint

what’s it mean?

I hope this makes working on your own Krylon paint projects a little easier. I also hope you have some ideas for some other DIY projects you can be involved with.

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