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I can’t get anything on iOS 7 because she hates me now.” When your favorite apps don’t work on your iPhone, why would you want Siri to talk to you at all? It’s time to ditch your favorite Siri apps.

Siri for iOS 7

With iOS 7 you no longer have the option of downloading Siri from the App Store. You’ll have to download Siri through the command prompt in the iTunes app or by doing a factory reset on your device.

To use Siri, you’ll have to create a shortcut to it in the Control Center with a text or voice command. I suggest using phrases like “Open the Today app,” which will open Today and the Today board.

You could also set a Siri shortcut to launch the Today app by typing in the command “Today.” This will open Today’s settings page. You may find that these shortcuts aren’t accessible (for example, in a Mail app). You could also set this shortcut to Launch Siri – which will launch Siri and activate the new Apple Pay on both iPhone 7 and iPhone 6s with Siri.

Siri will search your Siri Commands. If you have more than one that you want Siri to learn, you’ll have to set up the command on both devices.

To use Siri, you’ll have to find and set up a command that is specifically tailored to your device. The command must be on at least two of your devices.

Using Siri

Siri is capable of making basic commands using her “I think this is cool” speech bubble.

You can search for something with an Apple Pay phrase as well as use Apple Pay to enter text for Siri.

Siri can help you find photos from your camera roll. This will open the Camera Roll page – not the camera icon.

Siri can control your camera, open your camera and play an album with a new Apple Music shortcut.

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Siri can play a song using Siri from your favorite music player app and from a Radio station on your television.

Using Siri to control your Apple music player can be the best part of the interface.

You can find a whole list of Siri tips in our article: Siri Tips.

There will also be a quick Siri shortcut that will use the Siri control panel in iOS 7 – Siri Remote. You can use this shortcut by typing in the command “Siri Remote + I.” It will open your Control Center, launch the Control Center, and open your Apple

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